Diana Royal 6″x24″ Ledger Panel


Diana Royal 6″x24″ Ledger Panel
Common Names: Diana Royal, Ledger Panel, Marble

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Diana Royal 6″x24″ Ledger Panel
Common Names: Mixed Material, Mix Tumbled Travertine

  • Durable Product for High Traffic Area.
  • Natural Stone from Turkey.
  • There is a 10% breakage rate which is industry standard.

The Diana Royal collection of marble comes to you from Turkey, a well-known exporter of quality natural stones. This is a versatile collection is available for many applications both indoors and out, allowing for creative freedom in design vision. The warm tones of these beautiful marble stones go well with many styles of decor.

The polished elegance of the Diana Royal collection works perfectly with any modern or minimal decorating scheme. The warm tones of the marble add color and light to a variety of spaces, creating opportunities to break up the cool tones of a decor as needed. The colors also blend well with brighter or more colorful decors found in cottage and villa style decor. The possibilities for adding to a design are endless.

Size Available In Size Available In
4"x8" Only Paver 36"x36" Only Tile
6"x12" Only Paver 24"x48" Only Tile
12"x24" Tile, Paver French Pattern Tile, Paver
16"x24" Tile, Paver
16"x16" Only Paver
24"x24" Only Tile

Tile Tickness: 1/2" - Paver Tickness: 3 cm or 1"+1/4"

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Weight 23 lbs

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