Lisbon Grey 24″x48″ Marble Tiles


Lizbon Gray 24″x48″ Marble Tiles
Common Names: Lizbon Gray, Lizbon Grey

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Lizbon Gray 24″x48″ Marble Tiles
Common Names: Lizbon Gray, Lizbon Grey

  • Durable Product for High Traffic Area.
  • Natural Stone from Turkey.
  • There is a 10% breakage rate which is industry standard.

The Lisbon Grey is a polished marble with a splendid white background and beautiful grayish spots with minimal veining. The Lisbon Grey is one of the oldest mined marbles in the world coming from the rich quarries of Greece, one of the main exporters of this fine material. The marble can be installed in any interior including mosaic for shower, bathroom as well as floor tiles, stairs and walls.

The distinguished appeal of this stone brings to mind comfort and luxury that can’t be attained with any other artificial material for your home or business. The Lisbon Grey is a harder type of marble that will last for years to come, it’s available in tiles and mosaic to fill any space with warmth, light and luxury.

Exclusive Marble Collection from different country is an elegant marble collection. It is available in polished finish in a variety of tile sizes and best uses include floors and walls in both residential and commercial applications. Its uniform and stylish different colour does a wonderful job in such applications. In addition, it is a marble commonly used on bath design such as basins, shower trays, or even bathroom coverings.

Size Available In Size Available In
4"x8" Only Paver 36"x36" Only Tile
6"x12" Only Paver 24"x48" Only Tile
12"x24" Tile, Paver French Pattern Tile, Paver
16"x24" Tile, Paver
16"x16" Only Paver
24"x24" Only Tile

Tile Tickness: 1/2" - Paver Tickness: 3 cm or 1"+1/4"

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