White Wood 36″x36″ Limestone Tile


White Wood 36″x36″ Limestone Tile
Common Names: White Wood, Gray Wood Look

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White Wood 36″x36″ Limestone Tile
Common Names: White Wood, Gray Wood Look

  • Durable Product for High Traffic Area.
  • Natural Stone from Turkey.
  • There is a 10% breakage rate which is industry standard.

The unusual and lovely White Wood limestone provides a versatility to fit in with designs from minimal to warm. This variety of limestone is quarried in China. The veins in this natural stone look very much like wood and provide a long-lasting alternative to wood in the right decor. White Wood is the perfect complement to modern and minimal designs with its understated tones.

A design with wooden or wicker furniture is well complemented by the honed surface of this variety of limestone. Common applications include adding the warm look of wood to wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen while providing the durability of natural stone. The sandblasted surface of White Wood presents a lighter surface suitable to fit with a wider variety of designs.

Imagine a clean modern design with minimal clutter and decoration. Perfectly complemented by the light white and grey tones of the floor. The eye wanders up to the walls where a matt surface, slightly darker than the floor, shows off the minimalist design to its fullest.

The sandblasted finish available for this stone is perfect for both high traffic areas and places that require slip resistance such as the shower or kitchen areas. Available in square, rectangular and L panel tile sizes for the ultimate in versatility.

Size Available In Size Available In
4"x8" Only Paver 36"x36" Only Tile
6"x12" Only Paver 24"x48" Only Tile
12"x24" Tile, Paver French Pattern Tile, Paver
16"x24" Tile, Paver
16"x16" Only Paver
24"x24" Only Tile

Tile Tickness: 1/2" - Paver Tickness: 3 cm or 1"+1/4"

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 23 × 56 in



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